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Whether you’re an employee, a manager or the head honcho, here are some ways to conserve energy and make a difference in your workplace.Looking to save energy and reduce your natural gas bills but don't know where to start? By some estimates, closing air leaks through gaps and cracks can save 30 to 40 percent on home heating costs.

Whether you’re an employee, a manager or the head honcho, here are some ways to conserve energy and make a difference in your workplace.

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Here are some energy conservation methods that will help you reduce leaks and wastage.

Heat, cold and light Want to know how to conserve energy in your home while you’re away? You need to keep your freezer contents safe and your home secure, but you don’t want to waste money on electricity.

Here are some suggestions to get you started; you’ll find plenty of methods to conserve energy in our ‘What should I do if I go on holiday’ guide in OVO Answers.

The car is one place where you can clearly see your energy consumption by watching the petrol gauge, so it’s easy to understand how to save fossil fuels.

Locavore is a new term on the lips of urban and suburbanites, who limit what they eat to what is available locally, each season, and put up, or can and preserve excess yields for future use.

The practice might seem novel to young adults, but is merely the way the U. operated before World War II, before the consolidation of agriculture and the expansion of road and air travel.To start with, here are some quick and easy energy conservation methods that won’t cost you anything; in fact they’ll probably save you money.Your home isn’t energy efficient if you’re wasting heat or water – or cold air from the fridge.In industrial agriculture, everything from the oil-based plastics used in packaging, to the monoculture of crops is geared towards efficiency, maximizing profit and minimizing costs; but the cost to the environment is only recently being examined.According to the Unites States Department of Agriculture 15 percent of all food in the U. is imported, and the percentage of imported fruit is even higher.In Southern California, the concept of local food is epitomized in the Altadena Urban Farmers Market.The market operates more like a food and goods exchange, in which neighbors bring produce grown, collected or prepared locally.The summer fruits, such as peaches, plums and berries that stock markets in the dead of winter needed oil to fuel the thousands of miles they traveled on trucks, trains and ships.Globalization resulted in the stiff competition that made imports affordable, despite the costs inherent in long-distance shipping, due to cheap labor, and sometimes-lax agricultural safeguards.Cape Town - Fin24 users offer tips on how to ease the impact of fuel costs and experts say hard-pressed consumers will benefit from the petrol price drop. It is more economical to use the aircon than driving with open windows.19.All grades of petrol and diesel prices will come down from Wednesday September 3. Accelerate downhill and maintain speed on inclines; roll to a stop sign.20.


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