Essay On Stress In Students Life

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Laughing increases the happiness-producing hormones in your brain.

Yes, watching cat videos is actually good for you—as long as you don’t overdo it.

Sugar and carbohydrates will make you feel better in the short term because they increase serotonin, a chemical in your brain that causes happiness.

However, it only takes a few short days to get addicted to these things, and at that point they have the opposite effect. There are good carbs, though, that will still increase serotonin without the negative side effects.

This is an important domain for further research and an effective channel of intervention for college mental health professionals.

Study schedules, especially in colleges, are very demanding.

Between homework, extracurriculars, family, relationships, and a social life, stress has become the norm for most college (and, even, soon-to-be college) students.

It’s almost something we take pride in—bragging to one another about how little sleep we’ve gotten or how long it’s been since we’ve eaten a full meal.

Music is another thing that has been proved to greatly reduce stress.

Focusing on gratitude changes the connections in your brain—literally.


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