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They are directed to the bright pink house of the Boatwrights, a groupof Black sisters who run a successful honey business.Responding to a tale Lily invents to explain their need for help, August Boatwright invites them to stay and offers to teach Lily beekeeping.Later, when Lily stands up to her father, he lashes out at her by saying that, on the day her mother died, she had only been in the house to collect her clothes before leaving, abandoning Lily.

When Lily’s nanny, a Black woman named Rosaleen, travels into town to register to vote, Lily goes with her, but is shocked and horrified when three white men begin abusing and then beating Rosaleen.

When Rosaleen is subsequently arrested by the police, Lily is taken with her to the jail. Ray picks her up, he reprimands Lily and terrifies her by saying that the men will probably kill Rosaleen.

Even in the early stages of this book one is able to see Lily's character traits, such as, her low self-worth and esteem, her faith in people, and also impulsiveness driven by her desire for a stable and loving family.

It is not until Lily starts on her quest into her mother's past that one can see fully the depth and trueness of these qualities.

August explains that she had once worked for Deborah’s family and that Deborah had stayed with the Boatwrights shortly after Lily was born while she was recovering from a breakdown and planning to divorce T. Lily is devastated and disillusioned, furious with her mother for abandoning her to stay with August.

However, with August’s guidance, she begins to forgive her mother for her imperfections and starts to feel she was loved by her.

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After he traces her earlier call back to the lawyer’s office, T.

Ray visits Lily at the Boatwrights’ house where they argue, and T. Afterwards, however, Lily at least partially forgives him too, having recognized that he is also imperfect and was struggling to cope with Deborah leaving him.


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