Essay On Unrest Among Students

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The youth do not know what future has in store for them.Unemployment, corruption, nepotism, lawlessness, etc. are so rampant that the young world is baffled and berserk.

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Education has no relevance at all with the professions that graduates take up.

The wastage in terms of money, time and energy spent in education is flabbergasting.

Values have changed for them and with the increase in their vulnerability to general deterioration in all spheres of their lives, the young world faces a vertical collapse.

Educational centers throughout the world have not only failed to produce civilized people but they have, on the contrary, multiplied many social evils causing irreparable loss to the governments and the society at large.

To make matters worse, education has, on the contrary, stimulated the appetite for material pleasures and as a consequence, the aesthetic values and the rich cultural heritage are mortgaged.

Many a youth have gone berserk and many have sought peace in wrong corners.

'Empty vessels' is what they are deemed to be and who could be held responsible for this?

The teachers, professors or lecturers are too worried about their own pay scales to feel concerned about the fate of the millions of students, who in turn, are accustomed by now to laxity, irresponsibleness and 'a devil-may-care' attitude.

Because 'habits die hard.' Therefore, when flexibility is maximum during the young age everything that is best in thought and action must be acquired by one and all.

The growing menace of juvenile delinquency, students' unrest, violence, frustration, etc.


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