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The Freemasons are popularly believed to be the modern descendants of the Templars, and within the ranks of the roughly 250,000 Freemasons in England are about 30,000 Templar Knights.Or, more accurately, people who call themselves Templar Knights, which isn’t precisely the same thing.Forced out of the Holy Land by the Islamic reconquest, the Knights returned to Europe, where their wealth and privileges increasingly brought them into conflict with the nobility, church, and other representatives of the established feudal order.

The Freemasons are popularly believed to be the modern descendants of the Templars, and within the ranks of the roughly 250,000 Freemasons in England are about 30,000 Templar Knights.

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The second is the Military Order of Christ in Portugal.

The Knights Templar order was disbanded by the Pope in 1312.

There’s a rest area on the French autoroute system named after a local Templar stronghold and adjacent village as well as numerous other direct references to the long-vanished order. Old names and old buildings, granted, but without any direct relevance today to the order that spawned them.

So are there any contemporary organizations that have an established and unbroken lineage that connects them to the original Knights Templar? One of them is discussed in the novel , which explains in some detail the way that the peasant economy of the cantons of Switzerland was transformed—almost certainly by a group of Knights Templar—into a country whose success was founded on precisely the same type of banking system that had generated so much of the Templars’ wealth.

Beginning with only nine members, within fifty years the Knights Templar had become a wealthy charitable order as well as a potent and feared fighting force, with thousands of members and property spread across Europe and the Middle East.

But when the military successes of the early Crusades began to ebb, the fortunes of the Knights Templar ebbed too.

James Becker spent more than twenty years in the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm.

Throughout his career, he has been involved in covert operations in many of the world's hot spots, including Yemen, Russia, and Northern Ireland.

But even before that, many Templar knights had left the country to escape persecution by the heavily indebted French king, Philip the Fair.

A significant number found refuge in Portugal where King Denis I refused to pursue or persecute the Templars, probably believing that the charges levied against them were entirely false, which they certainly were.


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