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Traditional teaching and learning is changing to keep up with the rapid developments and changes with digital technologies and ever expanding online learning environments.Students today are faced with a differentiated set of skills, attitudes and actions that they will need in order for them to be prepared for, be successful in and meet the challenges of a digital economy (21st Century Learning, 2009).

Traditional teaching and learning is changing to keep up with the rapid developments and changes with digital technologies and ever expanding online learning environments.

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When they pushed back, I repeated the same phrases like some half-dead, high priest muttering an ancient mantra: I’m speaking from experience. I wanted to monitor their progress over the quarter and provide help along the way. Nearly all my students started their essays in the last week before the due date with most starting the weekend or even the night before it was due.

I watched in real time as they struggled to pump out the words.

More programs should emphasize practical knowledge. Instead, they focus on dated or useless material while forcing students to churn out stacks of essays in order to pass. For years I stood in front of my students and lied to them. In theory (like many things in academia) essays should be effective. My last year, I had everyone in my class share their essays with me on Google Drive right at the beginning.

Over and over again, I emphasized the importance of academic essay writing. Unfortunately, pragmaticism devours ideologies before breakfast. This meant that all 90-ish of my students shared the documents that would eventually turn into their essays with me.

In order to teach creative and innovative thinking, teachers must have the skills to think differently themselves.

They need creative spaces and tools and a range of frameworks that help to develop their own criteria of achieving quality and success (Heick, 2014).The following video from AITSL (2012) outlines the changing educational paradigms in light of the 21st century., in 21st century teaching and learning environments means taking risks.This is crucial for the future of education and a significant catalyst for change (Heick, 2013).We’ve gone from a society that’s criticized people for spending too much time on Facebook to one where you get promoted for knowing how to use it. We design pivotal tests to enforce this even though the process has no significant bearing on life outside of the classroom.Dated teaching practices are detrimental to success and need to be stopped.Drucker (1999) once described a productive knowledge worker as one that works hard to improve and is valued as a capital asset. Retrieved May18, 2014 from Redecker C, Leis M., Leendertse M., Punie Y., Gijsbers G., Kirschner P., Stoyanov S. Thinking in this way, teachers as Coleman, M., & Lenox, M. Using social networks: to create powerful learning communities: today’s electronic social media tools allow for far greater and swifter access to people and resources than was previously possible. That’s why it can be terrifying for graduating students.It’s hard to adjust to life outside of school because we’ve spent years studying ideologies, not pragmatism.We don’t use corded telephones to make phone calls anymore. It wasn’t until I left academia and began writing for a living did I realize that the practice of writing academic essays is mostly useless.I need to make a clear distinction between essay writing and academic essay writing.


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