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Opening paragraph: Der Erste Weltkrieg war ein totaler Krieg, der Deutschland völlig veränderte.Dieser Krieg hat 1914 angefangen, und 1918, als der Krieg zu Ende kam, waren die deutsche Gesellschaft, Regierung und Kultur nicht mehr erkennbar.

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However by the end, this war destroyed these old-fashioned things.)Notice that this opening paragraph is not very different at all from the first paragraph of an English essay.

You can use the same structure you’ve always used to write your German essay, leaving you free to focus on grammar and vocabulary.

Present perfect: Use present perfect to talk about a past event that is linked to the present, to talk about trends, or about events that have ended or occurred recently or still continuing, as in ‘The use of cell phones or mobile phones to access the Internet has increased recently’ and ‘Multi-megawatt turbines have been used in Europe for offshore sites.’4.

Remember when you were in middle school and you had to learn to write a five-paragraph essay? Because now it’s time to learn how to do it all in German. Although essays in many foreign languages are structured differently than in English, German essays are actually quite similar to their English equivalents. )And it’s very important to learn how to write and structure an argument in German if you’re planning to study there someday, or even if you’re simply interested in taking a class at the Goethe Institute or another German-language school at some point.

This war began in 1914 and in 1918, when the war came to an end, German society, government and culture were no longer recognizable.

At the beginning, the First World War strengthened old-fashioned ideas and systems.Sure, in the example above, you could just remember that you need to change the word order when translating into German.But isn’t it better to adapt your brain so that German word order seems fluid and natural?When you’re getting ready to write your essay, make sure to make a list of words that you want to incorporate.You should look at any new activity as an opportunity to learn and master new vocabulary.There’s nothing clunkier than an essay that doesn’t flow naturally from one point to the next. How exactly do they function to further your argument?Besides, thinking about how your arguments and points interact with each other will help you organize your essay and make sure you get your point across. )Examples of transition words: When you’re writing your essay, make sure you avoid the oh-so-tempting practice of writing it in your native language and then translating it into German. Writing an essay in English and then translating it into German often results in stilted, poorly formed sentences and unnatural constructions.offer another perspective on politics and daily life in Germany.After you’ve completed your research, make an outline of your major points, making sure to incorporate transition words.For example, remember that German word order is different from English.If you write “He didn’t read the book,” a one-to-one literal translation would be .


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