First Amendment Essay Questions

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When they’re finished, students should revisit the hypothetical situations in the Warm Up.For each article, groups should consider both the relevant policy question and the related constitutional question (here is a student handout).“Supreme Court Strikes Down Law Banning Political Apparel at Polling Sites” by Adam Liptak (June 14, 2018)Policy Question: Should voters be able to wear whatever they want to the polling booth? Constitutional Question: Does the First Amendment allow the government to limit what voters can wear to the polling booth?“High Schools Threaten to Punish Students Who Kneel During the Anthem” by Christine Hauser (Sept._________Trigger Warnings, Safe Spaces and Microaggressions: Discussing Questions of Freedom of Speech on Campus Analyzing the Relationship Between the Press and the President: A Lesson Plan Freedom of Expression, Online: Outlining the First Amendment for Teenagers How Important Is Freedom of the Press?Should Free Speech Protections Include Self Expression That Discriminates?If any answers have changed, students should mark their new answers with a check mark.As a transition to this next activity about speech issues in current events, we recommend pausing to ask students: Why is it important to protect unpopular or offensive speech?17, 2017)Policy Question: Should students be allowed to protest, such as by kneeling during the national anthem, during school hours or while on school property?Constitutional Question: Does the First Amendment protect students’ right to protest during school hours or while on school property?The lesson should reinforce the robustness of the First Amendment protections of speech.While teaching, you may want to use all or part of this related Student Opinion question, which asks: Why is freedom of speech an important right? _________Using this handout (PDF), students will read the First Amendment provision that protects the freedom of speech and then interpret its meaning using 10 hypothetical situations.


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