Five Paragraph Essay Hamburger Model

Five Paragraph Essay Hamburger Model-12
It’s got a huge collection of authentic English videos that people in the English-speaking world on the regular.There are tons of great choices there when you’re looking for songs for in-class activities.Here we will look at essay writing in terms of the hamburger model, which offers a very clear structure with which to approach writing an essay.

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Students can use the related template to write their own essays following the rules laid out on the poster.

What is the hamburger essay and why is it a great main course when serving up ESL writing lessons?

Remind the students there are many types of evidence.

From quoting from authorities on the subject to book references, statistics and anecdotes, convincing evidence is dependent upon effective research in the pre-writing stage. You would need a knife and fork and, well, that is not how a burger is meant to be devoured.

As with most writing genre, the introduction serves a number of purposes: If the essay is a hamburger, then these are the beef patties—and it is a triple-decker!

As stated above, the main points should be briefly outlined in the introduction. Point: Each paragraph begins with making a point in support of the central thesis.

Each of the three body paragraphs will explore a single point. Students should endeavor to state each point in strong, clear language.

In structuring each paragraph the somewhat unfortunate acronym P. Explain: A good rule of thumb here is that the simpler the point, the more complex the sentence structure that can be employed.

The student can, however, revisit a point with an added insight or two to leave the lingering taste in the reader’s mind. We’ve given them a mouthwatering appetizer and a filling main course, but where would we be without the icing on the cake, the dessert?

A good essay will leave a thought or two to chew over! Essay writing is as much about craft as it is about inspiration.


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