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I like the way you presented your main points in each paragraph. Student 3: There are some really sound arguments you made as well. It sounds like you’re switching your point of view. The second half of the paragraph seems unnecessary. S Feedback Method until each student has been heard and reviewed. If you aren’t using this structure for your peer review in your class, you’ll likely be using something similar. Student 4: I’m a little confused by your wording in the fourth paragraph. Student 1: I feel like you left us hanging in the second paragraph. Student 4: Paragraph five didn’t really add to your argument. Student 3: Yeah, it had a strong beginning and then sort-of meandered. After watching the video, click the image below to download a copy of the CARES feedback form.A peer review of your research paper is different than the editing process that you go through.

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But the peer edit can be so beneficial in enhancing your writing.

We may often think of "peer review" in terms of journal articles that have been analyzed and approved for accuracy.

You've put in the work of researching, reading, writing and revising your paper.

You've read it out loud and followed the assignment requirements.

You're going strong, but there's still another step you need to perfect your paper. Utilizing peer review in your writing process may not always be easy.

You're offering your paper that you've spent hours on up for critique.

While one student reads his or her paper out loud, the rest of the group will listen and fill out the C. You really showed what’s important about this argument.

Fill out the worksheet I gave you while each person is presenting. Dardello: This process works best in groups of three or four. Student 3: Your research backed up a lot of the opinions I already had.

Their input helps make your paper better, if you choose to follow their recommendations.

If you're working with a classmate, trade papers and review each other's paper.


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