Five Paragraph Essay Topics

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Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing tricky about writing such essays.

Just take a look at the stuff we have prepared for you and see for yourself!

This primarily relates to their obligations to accomplish a certain number of tasks within a limited period.

One of the tasks they need to do every now and then is the much feared and loathed five-paragraph essay.

Each body paragraph is supposed to reflect only one idea and begin with a topical sentence which should direct the reader to the thesis. Whether you are writing a persuasive, argumentative, narrative, or any other type of essay, do not forget to provide research, evidence or examples in your paragraphs.

Your commentary is indispensable as it shows how your examples and evidence are related to your arguments.Include these transitions in your paper to avoid choppy, jumpy, and run-on sentences.Break up long sentences into briefer ones and ensure that your thesis is duly addressed.If you don't want to have your score lowered, refrain from introducing new ideas in the concluding paragraph. The final sentence of your essay should get the reader thinking.A good example of a concluding sentence can be a call to action or universal statement; you can also invoke a picture or a feeling in the reader's mind or simply warn them about what can happen if your ideas are not followed.In the third sentence, you should provide the reader with more details about the topic and come up with a thesis.Being the final part of your introduction, it determines the success or failure of your essay, hence you should be very careful writing the last sentence for this paragraph.As a rule, students pursuing a high school education or a university degree (and thus becoming productive members of society) face a lot of learning challenges.Their most common concern is that they can't find a way to organize their study schedule efficiently.That's why it is advisable to read through the sentences again in order to avoid poorly "corrected" mistakes.It is also a good idea to take a break from writing and then have a fresh look at your essay to be able to easily spot typos and misspelled words.


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