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What fraction of girls are studying in lower classes?Solution: Fraction of girls studying in school = 1/2 Fraction of girls studying in lower classes = 3/5 of 1/2 = 3/5 × 1/2 = 3 × 1/5 × 2 = 3/10 Therefore, 3/10 of girls studying in lower classes.Includes the option to show the work involved in calculating the result.

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Mixed Numbers to Decimal Convert mixed numbers, fractions or integers to decimal numbers and see the work involved in the conversion.

Mixed Numbers to Percent Convert mixed numbers, fractions or integers to percentages and see the work involved in the conversion.

Averaging Fractions Calculate the average of a set of fractions.

Finds the average of positive and negative, proper and improper fractions, integers and mixed numbers.

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One half of the students in a school are girls, 3/5 of these girls are studying in lower classes. STATIC_URL = '//'; PBSLM. PBS_ACCOUNTS_PROFILE_EDIT = "https://org/accounts/profile/edit/"; PBSLM. Ordering Fractions Ordering and sorting fractions, integers and mixed numbers to find whether they are equal, greater than or less than each other (= or or ≥ or =. Estimating Sums & Differences Estimate sums and differences for positive proper fractions, n/d, where n ≤ d and 0 ≤ n/d ≤ 1.Includes fractions table for fractions on the order of halves, quarters, eighths, and sixteenths with their decimal equivalents.Reduce fractions to lowest terms, simplify, compare and order fractions.Convert fractions to decimals and percentages, work with mixed numbers and improper fractions and solve for X in fractions equations using Calculator Soup online fractions calculators. Find a fraction of a number Compare and order fractions How do you multiply decimals? Change fractions into decimals How do you divide fractions?Simplify proper and improper fractions, showing the work and the answer as a fraction or mixed number.Simplifying Complex Fractions Calculator Simplify fractions given numerators and denominators of any two mixed numbers (mixed fractions), regular fractions, improper fractions or integers.


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