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Their weapons were destroyed; they were left empty hands and had no option but use their hands and teeth for slaying.

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When Xerxes offers to spare the Spartans lives if they will surrender their arms, Leonidas is reputed to have snarled, "come and get them." And upon being told that the Persians have so many bowmen that the cloud of arrows would blot out the sun, one of the Spartans says, "good, then we'll have our battle in the shade." Having just read The Thin Red Line (1962)(James Jones 1921-1977) (Grade: C), where James Jones presents war as a fundamentally nonsensical and tedious exercise, it was a real joy to read this book.

Pressfield captures the romantic side of war (recall Robert E. Reeve) -ESSAY: "Boring from Within: Reading the Speech of Alcibiades as Attack on the Agenda of Definition" ( J. Powell) -REVIEW: of David Gribble, Alcibiades and Athens: A Study in Literary Presentation (David M.

In addition, this victory news very quickly spread to Greece territories and encouraged the Greek citizens to move forward.

Steven Pressfield has very fabulously explained in this novel the brilliancy of these 300 warriors and the way they were leaded by the King Leonydas.

The final section, on the battle itself, depicts wholesale slaughter accompanied by acts of ineffable courage.

It also relates two of the great lines of all time.Xeones starts with the tale of how he came to Sparta.As a youth, his village of Astakos is destroyed and his family slaughtered, but he and the cousin he loves, Diomache, escape.Persians started thinking that if 300 men can do this much loss then what will happen if all Greeks attack the Persian armies upon their arrival in Greece.Greeks on the other side got time to organize their armies during this 6 days period.He has also focused on the nature of leadership, the demands of the leadership and the practices it requires in order to accomplish the mission and achieve the goal.His story based on fictional characters highlights some important leadership principles which can be very helpful in the professional context.But he experiences a visitation from the Archer god Apollo Far Striker and realizes he can still wield a bow.When Diomache, who is also distraught after being violated by the soldiers, takes off, Xeones heads to Sparta where he hopes to join the army.Lee's comment, "It is good War is so horrible else we would come to love it too much") by relating the true history of the Spartans awesome sacrifice. E.: DEMOCRACY AT THE CROSSROADS (Reacting to the Past, Barnard College) -ETEXT: Alcibiades By Plutarch -SHORT BIO: alcibiades (Plato and his dialogues) -ETEXT: ALCIBIADES by Plato Translated by Sanderson Beck -LINKS: Alcibiades -ESSAY: Alcibiades and the Politics of Rumor (C. Johnson, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Bryn Mawr Classical Review ) -REVIEW: of THE GREEKS AND GREEK CIVILIZATION By Jacob Burckhardt.In two of my favorite passages, he explains: (1) why this sacrifice is so beautiful to us, "In one way only have the gods permitted mortals to surpass them. Forget every concept, however noble, that you imagine you fight for here today. (Dave Kindred, NY Times Book Review) ALCIBIADES: -ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA: Alcibiades -Alcibiades (The Columbia Encyclopedia: Sixth Edition. Translated by Sheila Stern (Garry Wills, NY Times Book Review) -REVIEW: Bernard Knox: The Theater of Ethics, NY Review of Books The Fragility of Goodness: Luck and Ethics in Greek Tragedy and Philosophy by Martha C.


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