Gcse Maths Homework

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Even if maths wasn't your favourite subject at school, you shouldn't shy away from it.

If your child is unsure or confused, try to discuss the problem and work out a solution together.

Your child will start to explore adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying and counting, reading and writing up to 20.

They should also begin to recognise odd and even numbers, shapes and maths symbols.

Using maths in your child's everyday life will mean their skills will be developed from a young age and provides excellent groundwork for the years ahead.

Jigsaws, puzzles and games are an excellent starting point.Once your child gets their head around something, they are much more likely to remember it and approach it with confidence.Maths is one of the most important subjects at school and can help them in many walks of life, so assisting them with their maths homework as much as possible can prove invaluable.Tasks can be set for whole classes, groups or individuals, perfect for targeting revision and personalised learning.A fantastic resource for all schools and all year groups.This is a pupil version , so no worked solutions are included.This book contains twenty six sets of questions covering:- Arcs & Sectors, Brackets, Completing the Square, Equations and Inequalities, Factorisation, Formulae, Fractions, Line of Best Fit , Money & Finance, Properties of Shapes, Pythagoras’ Theorem, Quadratics, Scale Factor and Similarity, Simultaneous Equations, Standard Deviation & Boxplots, The Straight Line, Surds & Indices, Trigonometry (inc Trig Equations & Graphs), Vectors , Volume.Play games that involve numbers such as dominos or cards.Key Stage 2 During Key Stage 2 maths, your child should become more confident and accurate at using calculating, mental maths and number systems for adding, subtracting, long multiplication and long division.Your teacher can also create classes and set homework for any revision topic on the study platform creating the perfect lesson plan. Never needed convincing of the power/impact of the website. Can't wait for A level and KS3 to be launched.Recently signed my yr11s up and have started setting assignments as homework. This platform was universally liked by my students.


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