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Nike is also portrayed erecting a trophy, or, frequently, hovering with outspread wings over the victor in a competition Nike is often found in the company of the goddess of Wisdom and War, Athena, who never puts up with defeat.Not surprisingly, she is also frequently portrayed seated next to Zeus, the King of the Olympians, or even being held by him or Athena in their open palms.Nike is the winged goddess of Victory, Speed and Strength, able to race and fly at great speed.

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He is the son of Styx and the Titan Pallas and is the constant companion of Zeus.

Cratos ("Strength, Supremacy") is the ancient Greek personification of strength, and dominance.

She also appears carrying a palm branch, a wreath, or the staff of Hermes.

She is also often shown with the staff of Hermes, which represents her role as the messenger of Victory.

There are two main versions of Nike's parentage:1) Pallas and Styx - Pallas is son of the Titan Crius and Eurybia, daughter of Pontus & Gaia (Mother Earth).

Styx is a daughter of the Titan Oceanus (Ocean), and a prominent river in the Underworld.2) Ares and unknown - Ares is the god of war.

The ancient poet Pausanias, in his Description of Greece 1. 3 has this to say about Nike's statue in Attica:"In the temple of Zeus at Peiraios in Attika: The images are of bronze; Zeus holds a staff and a Nike." It was natural for the ancient Greeks to associate Victory with Zeus and Athena - after all, these two powerful deities were not accustomed to losing.

Nike fought on the side of Zeus in his famous battle against the Titans, and assisted him in gaining victory over his fearsome rivals.

And Zeus honoured her, and gave her very great gifts, for her he appointed to be the great oath of the gods, and her children to live with him always.

And as he promised, so he performed fully unto them all."The Nike of Samothrace, or Winged Victory is widely acknowledged as one of the finest pieces of Hellenistic sculpture.


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