Grendel Monster Essay

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Shelley’s monster on the other hand who is product of collaborative scientific work and supernatural workings and who is strongly rejected by the society, approaches his situation with contempt.

His monstrosity is not only reflected in his grotesque appearance but also in his dark tendencies to be evil after he is rejected.

Shelley’s monster unlike Grendel is not presented ambiguously since he is only in search of happiness through companionship while Grendel is in search to answer his philosophical question whether human life and created patterns have meaning at all.

During his younger years in the initial part of the novel, Grendel spends his life innocently, exploring his confined world in the caves with his mother, untroubled by the outside world of philosophical questions.

The dragon in the story, however, tells Grendel that the human world is actually meaningless and empty.

The dragon has a logical belief that nothing man creates—religion, government, literature, poetry, philosophy, and so on—will survive the destruction of time and therefore approaches all man’s endeavors as something pointless and ridiculous.In addition, the dragon insists that Grendel can take and eat whatever he wants since morality is pointless anyway.Grendel sees the logic of this belief, but part of him yearns for men’s appealing endeavors and pursuits.I understood that the world was nothing: a mechanical chaos of casual, brute enmity on which we stupidly impose our hopes and fears.I understood that, finally and absolutely, I alone exist.Grendel’s inevitable decision to cross the lake is the start of his life towards adulthood. Grendel finds the nature and lifestyle of men as pleasurable and enjoyable experience.Shelley’s monster on the other hand reveals his good side in the initial part of his existence but as he discovers the judgmental side of human being, who judges according to physical appearance, he starts to rebel putting all the blame to his creator.He believes any attempt to make a meaning or pattern in the world is a misguided effort.But one day, the young Grendel finds himself in a lake full of fire snakes, and he swims through it until he reaches the human world and civilization on the other side.Grendel is fascinated and at the same time envies how has mankind successfully evolved from a nomadic and tribal culture into a culture of obligations as they create government and institutions due to their continuous desire for material prosperity.He admires the intellectual capability of men and marvels at how they create roads, military, and government.


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