Group Problem Solving And Decision Making

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However, both the team leader’s hands have frostbite, so they can’t physically help construct the shelter, and the rest of the team has snow blindness and is unable to see.When the 30 minutes is up, turn on the fan and see which shelter can withstand the high winds of the storm.This requires a deep understanding of your team and their core strengths.

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Next, the team must assess potential courses of action and choose the best way to tackle the problem.

The goal of the game is to have everyone agree on the 10 items and their ranking in 30 minutes. They must figure out how to communicate the size, color, and shape of the original structure to their team. If this is too easy, add a rule that the member who can see the original structure can't touch the new structure.

Helps with: Collaboration What You’ll Need: Instructions: The goal of this exercise is to solve the clues, find the key, and escape a locked room within the time allotted. Gather the team into the empty room and "lock" the door.

Helps with: Collaboration, Decision-Making Why decision making is important for problem solving: Making decisions isn’t easy, but indecision leads to team paralysis, stagnant thinking, and unsolved problems.

Decision-making activities help your team practice making quick, effective choices. over a balcony) and see whose carrier protects the egg from breaking. If multiple eggs survive, keep increasing the height until only one egg is left.


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