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Finally, moving beyond the direct decisions of powerful individual economists to economics as a field, refers to the use of either an economic style of reasoning or policy devices to make decisions.The economic style of reasoning includes shaping how problems are defined and approached, which can be used by policymaking elites.

Professional authority depends on the prestige of the profession (Fourcade, Ollion, and Algan, 2015), the amount of funding available for economic research, and the status of methods in the field as rigorous or scientific.

refers to the presence of economists in policymaking organizations, elite networks, influential advising positions, or even as policymakers themselves.

In using this lens to analyze the influence of health economists, this essay also refines the conventional history.

The conventional history tells the story as a transition from prewar Institutionalists who had big ideas but little specific policy influence, to a postwar theoretical literature which offered only broad proposals, to ultimately an empirical literature beginning in the 1970s which finally offered guidance on the nuts and bolts of policy, culminating with the 2010 Affordable Care Act which was heavily influenced by health economics (Glied and Miller, 2015).

S., has remained salient up to the present with the recent passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010.

Cet article examine la façon dont les études sur le système de santé aux Etats-Unis ont été produites, évaluées et traduites en termes de politiques de santé.

First, the character of the research conducted by economists became increasingly dominated by a “neoclassical” economic perspective, and this would establish and shape the character of health economics as well.

Secondly, an ecosystem of health research emerged through various committees, organizations, and institutes, with patrons from the private sector, public sector, and academic institutions.

Such a study requires intertwining two histories: the postwar development of the academic subfield of health economics, and the history of U. This process requires the designation of experts, persuasion as to the reliability of theory or evidence, conveying knowledge to policy makers, and the actual crafting of any proposed legislation within a political environment. This case study provides a broader exploration into how scientific expert advice becomes operationalized in society, which in the case of health policy in the U.

S., has remained salient up to the present with the recent passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010., John Rust considers whether economic studies have influenced policy, and sees little evidence.


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