Holocaust Denial Research Paper

Holocaust denial has long been an essential manifestation of antisemitism in the radical right.

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I never imagined that my work would lead me to serve as a witness against a history teacher who encouraged his students to question whether the Holocaust had ever taken place at all. Woodbridge Township School District – represents a rare look inside the mind of what I see as a modern day Holocaust denier. Penguin and Lipstadt – a Holocaust denial case famously portrayed in the 2016 movie “Denial” and written about in a book of the same name.

In that case, Emory University history professor Deborah Lipstadt was sued for libel in a London court by author David Irving, a well-known writer about WWII.

Irving’s writings devolved into open denialism in the 1980s with claims that Hitler was unaware of the systematic extermination of European Jews. Irving’s contemporary Mark Weber also remains active in the movement as the director of IHR.

His defense of Zundel’s views and the Leuchter Report further confirmed his antisemitic beliefs. While IHR no longer publishes and Weber himself made waves with a 2009 essay advocating a shift in attention from denying the Holocaust to the “Jewish-Zionist power,” his website continues to publish and sell denialist material.

Carto’s contemporary, German-born Ernst Zundel, still remains a seminal figure in Holocaust denial despite his death in 2017.

In 1977 he founded the now defunct Samisdat Publishers in Toronto to print texts promoting Nazism and Holocaust denial.

In a report to the court, I pointed out how – during a deposition – Mr.

Ali made numerous factual errors and had a lack of knowledge about the Second World War and the Holocaust. Ali did not know basic facts, such as the name of General Erwin Rommel, one of the most prominent German generals of the war.

I was also asked if I would serve as an expert witness in the case. No, because nobody deserves to die, regardless what they’ve done.

One particularly memorable student paper in the documents was called “A Gas Chamber Full of Lies.” “We have all been taught that the Holocaust was a time of hate, and that Hitler used the gifts he possessed for absolute evil, but is that really the case? But are their deaths really completely unjustified either? Another student stated that the Jews imprisoned in concentration camps “had a much easier and more enjoyable life in the camps” and that “even though they were not at home, they felt like they were.” A picture taken just after the liberation by the Soviet army in January 1945 shows a group of children wearing concentration camp uniforms behind barbed wire fencing in the Oswiecim (Auschwitz) Nazi concentration camp. Ali’s pedagogical folly was not limited to the Holocaust.


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