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In an attempt to show whether the kids of more-involved parents improved over time, the researchers indexed these measures to children’s academic performance, including test scores in reading and math. Most measurable forms of parental involvement seem to yield few academic dividends for kids, or even to backfire—regardless of a parent’s race, class, or level of education.Do you review your daughter’s homework every night?But valuing parental involvement via test scores alone misses one of the ways in which parents most impact schools.

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Similarly, students whose parents frequently meet with teachers and principals don’t seem to improve faster than academically comparable peers whose parents are less present at school.

Other essentially useless parenting interventions: observing a kid’s class; helping a teenager choose high-school courses; and, especially, disciplinary measures such as punishing kids for getting bad grades or instituting strict rules about when and how homework gets done. “We think about informing parents and schools what they need to do, but too often we leave the child out of the conversation.”One of the reasons parental involvement in schools has become dogma is that the government actively incentivizes it.

As part of the program, schools will have to implement various support measures to ensure that their services and homework assistance are regularly available.

This section provides further information on the nature of the program and its operation.

Robinson and Harris chose not to address a few potentially powerful types of parental involvement, from hiring tutors or therapists for kids who are struggling, to opening college savings accounts.

And there’s the fact that, regardless of socioeconomic status, some parents go to great lengths to seek out effective schools for their children, while others accept the status quo at the school around the corner.Asian American kids may perform inordinately well on tests, for example, but their parents are not much more involved at school than Hispanic parents are—not surprising, given that both groups experience language barriers.So why are some parents more effective at helping their children translate these shared values into achievement?Given that the best teachers have been shown to raise students’ lifetime earnings and to decrease the likelihood of teen pregnancy, this is no small intervention.All in all, these findings should relieve anxious parents struggling to make time to volunteer at the PTA bake sale.Robinson and Harris posit that greater financial and educational resources allow some parents to embed their children in neighborhoods and social settings in which they meet many college-educated adults with interesting careers.Upper-middle-class kids aren’t just told a good education will help them succeed in life.Walt Whitman, Auditorium after school homework help Librarians will provide assistance with homework for grades k-8 from 3-4pm Monday-Thursday at the Walt Whitman Library. is to improve student retention and success in school by providing help with homework and assignments to students who need it.The theory was that more active and invested mothers and fathers could help close the test-score gap between middle-class and poor students.Yet until the new study, nobody had used the available data to test the assumption that close relationships between parents and schools improve student achievement.


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