Homework Contracts

THE FAMILY HOMEWORK CONTRACT __________________ and _________________ have mutually agreed to the terms of the (student) (parent) following homework contract to take effect on__________________________________.

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Weekends can be free of homework for many students depending on their typical assignment load.

Older students can choose specific times on the weekend to review the week’s work or do projects.

We, , will monitor our child's study behavior throughout the week and only sign the attached practice sheet if we are sure that our child practiced each subject for the sufficient amount of time.

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How Much Time Should Students Spend on Homework The rough rule of thumb that most educators use is that students should work on homework approximately 10 minutes for each year in school.

Following this rule, a second grader would spend 20 minutes on homework while a fifth grader would spend 50 minutes.It is not until sixth grade that a solid relationship can be shown between doing homework and higher achievement.The reason for doing homework earlier is to develop the homework habit as well as independent study skills.It is not necessary for all students to have assigned homework times in a contract.Instead, the agreement can be for students to get all homework done by a specified time.Provision also needs to be made to look at the contract periodically (monthly, every grading period) to see if it needs to be revised as conditions change. Some will need to do their nightly homework in two or more time periods.Others may need timed breaks to release energy or to get a snack.A contract places the responsibility for getting homework done on the student which is where it should be.It also helps many students establish a homework routine.extra support with completing work on time at school and at home?How can we positively reinforce learners to complete tasks independently, self-regulate their actions, and help them feel ownership over their learning?


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