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In our meetings and other discussions on assessment I've been a part of there is no more debated topic than homework.

Many argue that completion of homework should be graded because of the need for students to be responsible and accountable.

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MERRIMACK, NH — Whether homework should be graded is a decision that the Merrimack School Board has yet to make.

Voters on April 9 had approved changing the School District policy in favor of grading homework and having it count toward students' overall grades.

A teacher shall carefully explain to his/her students how homework assignments relate to the grading system."Before the April 9 town vote, the School Board had unanimously decided to not recommend approving the proposed change in the policy.

But Merrimack residents voted 1,770-1,473 in favor of the petitioned warrant article to change the policy in favor of homework counting toward students' overall grades.

They often claim that responsibility is a skill that will be needed in the workplace, and that not counting homework completion as a part of students' grades would be akin to telling them that responsibility isn't important.

Anyone who has read a few of my blog posts knows how passionate I feel about the need to prepare our students for the world they will encounter when they pass from our schools.


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