Homework Incentive Chart

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Is behavior chart effective in modifying children’s behavior?

When we reward kids for behavior change, we are essentially bribing them to behave the way we want.

Children would happily comply because they want the prize, not because they want to behave.

View Charts Your motivation will be the key to making her Reward Chart a success, so make sure all the family gets involved, your praise is real and you're prompt to acknowledge her achievement when she finally gets there - make it fun!

Homework Incentive Chart

Are you looking for a unique sticker chart that will record the number of homework assignments that your students have completed?

When the child has saved up a predetermined number of points, those points can be exchanged for a prize, such as a toy, extra allowance or delayed bedtime. Yelling, nagging or arguing is substantially reduced.

Deemed as one of the easiest behavior modification tools, behavior charts and sticker charts are widely used by parents at homes as well as by teachers in classrooms (in classrooms, they’re usually called “token economy systems”). Children love to work for the rewards and parents enjoy the apparent effectiveness. I once talked to a little boy about a hypothetical scenario.

Children usually get privileges or allowance for compliance.

A popular belief is that by taking on these duties, children learn to be responsible.


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