How To Increase Critical Thinking Skills

It is our ability to orient our mental models to view reality through an emotionless lens seeking the truth by questioning our own assumptions and deconstructing arguments logically.It is our ability to identify gaps and uncover what is missing to improve our quality of decisions.Imagine that you are riding a bicycle on a nice spring day.

By simply understanding how you interpret and perceive information differently than everyone else is a great first step.

To truly upgrade your critical thinking skills, you must examine how thoughts arise in your mind and how they got there.

Finally, you take off the rubber treads from the toy tractor or tanks.

This leaves only the following separate pieces: skis, outboard motor, handlebars and rubber treads.” Think of how we use sensors and gather information.

This could also be identified as Locate or Perceive (think swarming tactics or artificial intelligence).

Steps: Think of a construction site where destruction (analysis) and creation (synthesis) take place.

It is similar to Swarm Intelligence, where we use simple rules to allow the collective intelligence to emerge.

The simple rules are Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act.

Finally, it is our ability to unravel different strands of significant information through a continuous stream of feedback so that we continuously destroy and create new mental models allowing us to act closer to reality.” – Dr.

Jamie Schwandt I use John Boyd’s OODA Loop as a framework for critical thinking.


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