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When you’re in politics, words are a high-stakes game.Voters and journalists hold you to them and there is a risk in using words that are hard to live up to.

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In New Zealand, as elsewhere, the date marked the end of a four-year long series of national remembrance activities designed to acknowledge the war’s centenary and its lasting legacy History is not just an account of past events, but an interpretation.

Which historical events are taught in schools, and how they are presented, communicates an important message to pupils about national identity.

A group of writers has been assembled to write short briefing papers based on extensive research programmes and presented in a form that can be easily understood by the public at large.

The Briefing papers are aimed at providing the public with an overview of critical issues facing New Zealand society in the 21st century.

Two worlds mapped onto Niu Tireni, sharing space, differently placed.

You say Raowmati, I say Raumati; You say Oohtackie, I say Ōtaki.It offers a public platform for people to speak freely. Two decades ago New Zealand uncoupled the security and trade strands in its foreign policy.It also has a sign with a code of conduct: “Show courtesy to others. The decision stemmed from the removal of New Zealand’s preferential trade status with the UK in the early 1970s and the fallout to the embrace of a non-nuclear status in 1985, which led to the The first feature of the 2018 Budget is the allocation of 0 million to the America’s Cup.Functions and finance are concentrated in the highest level of the two-tier state system, central government, with local government roles allocated at the discretion of legislation determined by central government ideologies, perceptions and preferences.Because local government’s At the height of the Watergate scandal, when the story had seemed to stall, Deep Throat told Bob Woodward that to understand what was going on he needed to “Follow the Money.” In similar vein, if we are to understand the experience of Archives New Zealand and the National and On 11 November 2018, many thousands in countries all around the world stopped to commemorate the end of World War I.Currently, in New Zealand, these important decisions are left in the hands of individual educators.The 2010 The ‘two-worlds’ analogy retains its stubborn hold.This shifts from the four decades long treatment of children as Local government is an essential part of New Zealand’s democracy, providing local infrastructure and leadership, facilitating economic and community development along with strategic and financial planning and decision-making (in consultation with communities) on current and future key issues.Today, our local councils deal with critical issues such as protecting our New Zealand has one of the most centralised political systems in the OECD.Treasury says “Wellbeing is when people are able to lead fulfilling lives with purpose, balance and meaning to them.” Long-term challenges facing Aotearoa New Zealand include child poverty, mental health, domestic violence, The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, has been in the news over the past year for its proposals to restructure the number and roles of staff managing its collections.Scientists, both local and overseas, voiced their opposition, and one specialist demanded that his name be removed from one The Coalition Government is reshaping vocational education in New Zealand, under the banner of a proposed New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology.


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