Joseph Conrad Research Paper

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The man believes that it is out of good luck he has managed to meet Winnie and decides to move on with her.

However, after discovering that Winnie had killed her husband, Ossipona not only plans to break up with her, but also to stop relating with women and opts to become a drunkard.

It is ironic that just by meeting one woman who had killed her husband; Ossipona is put off completely (Conrad pp. As highlighted in the introductory part, Conrad has succeeded in the use of situational irony.

Most of the events in the story led to the occurrence of the unexpected results.

Verloc’s home would annoy him and cause him to hate his brother in law who was mentally disabled. Verloc taking more notice of Stevie, he used him to deposit the bomb which later caused not only his death but also the death of the husband and wife.

It was unexpected that the action of the mother in law would lead to the death of his son, his son in law and eventually his daughter.More often than not, presence of a mother in law in the house causes not only conflicts but may also lead to a family breakup.It was expected that the presence of Winnie’s mother in Mr. Nevertheless, the actions of the Winnie’s mother had far many severe consequences because due to Mr.Conrad has used irony to such a great extent as it has been noted by most people who have read the story.Situational irony which has been used occurs when there is a difference between the events that take place and the expected events.For instance, a trivial event may become more consequential or a very important event may lead to trivial consequences.For example, in their aim to make Stevie more presentable to Verloc, Winnie and her mother ended up making him not only to be loyal but also docile.This theme of isolation and alienation dominates Conrad’s novels and spans his work from the early sea tales to the political novels to what Conrad called his “romances.” Conrad’s “loners” are manifest everywhere in his work—Jim in . Conrad was among the first of the modern novelists to employ multiple narrators, or shifting points of view, as he does in .This emphasis on the alienated and isolated figure has had a considerable impact on the direction of the twentieth century novel, and Conrad’s influence may be discerned in such disparate writers as Stephen Crane, F. This technique enabled Conrad to make the probing analyses of characters and their motivations which are the hallmarks both of his work and of the work of so many others to follow.For instance, in the German / Australian Embassy in the introductory part, things turn out opposite of what was initially expected.The councilor states that “We are not very satisfied with the attitude of the police here” (Conrad pp. Councilor Wurmt starts by doubting the vigilance of the policemen from England but latter came to the realization that they were by far more vigilant than his initial expectations.


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