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Employees The employees of the Kellogg Company are also considered to be internal stakeholders; who included 26,000 people in 2006.

External Stakeholders Government The government is saw as an external stakeholder because the company must abide by certain state and federal rules and regulations in order to be considered a legitimate business.

More competitors from Asia countries come to the Canadian market.

Action Plan on Competition: We need make a discount by giving coupon on our product package and online more to get free box cereal.

For supporting Canadian economic, people should buy cereal that made in Canada.

Promotion on TV, tell people that national brand are healthier and to support local economy. One of our target population groups is Baby Boomer, they have disposable income, and they are conscious of healthy eating than their parents.

Impact statement on Demographic: Baby Boomers are more health conscious than previous generations. Baby Boomers working longer, having higher disposable income and limited technical skill Action Plan on Demographic: Kellogg’s cereal provide a variety of nutrition’s cereals that deliver the benefits of grains, and provide important nutrients like iron, B vitamins, zinc and fiber. They don’t want to get diabetes and high cholesterol problem like their parents got.

Cereal contains high fiber and iron B vitamins are just as you daily need.

According to uk, the Kellogg Company promotes and upholds environmentally responsible practices to help their customers, consumers, employees, and the communities they are a part of.

Consumers The consumer is an important stakeholder in the company because without them the company could not be profitable.


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