Keurig Problem Solving

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With the top cover removed, you’ll be able to clearly see the parts that are causing issues to your machine. Working on the inside Since the interior parts are well visible, it’s time to find out what exactly is standing between you and your favorite cup of coffee.

There is a blade that feeds the water into the pack.

While the above steps might appear tough and a bit technical, proceeding with moderation will ensure that you achieve exactly what you want.

For you to get enough grasp of this final fixing trick, please read this post on Instructables.

For you to perform this successfully, you’ll need the following tools; It is advisable that you excise a lot of caution when walking down this road.

That said, here are a few things to do that should fix your Keurig problem.1.

Sometimes performing a full check might be required if you have all the time.

It can be highly effective and also save you from the trouble of trying out every possible fix tricks.

Also, you’ll see a rubber hose and another blade below this one.

Using your toothpick, slowly and very carefully poke into the three holes in the upper blade.


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