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The World Health Organization’s World Health Report 1998: Life in the 21st Century, gave the globe an A for progress.

The World Health Organization’s World Health Report 1998: Life in the 21st Century, gave the globe an A for progress.

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A significant short-term decline in such actions could have adverse health repercussions.

The optimal approach to dealing with [the] prospect of climate change would (a) include improvement of health infrastructures (especially in developing countries) and (b) exclude any measures that would impair economies and limit public health resources.

After examining the potential impact of global warming on poor countries, the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) took a realistic view and reported that Nearly all of the potential adverse health effects of projected climate change are significant, real-life problems that have long persisted under stable climatic conditions.

Bolstering efforts to eliminate or alleviate such problems would both decrease the current incidence of premature death and facilitate dealing with the health risks of any climate change that might occur.

(Shindell and Raso 1997) As the ACHS concludes: From the standpoint of public health, stringently limiting such emissions [greenhouse gases] at present would not be prudent.

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Fossil-fuel combustion, the main source of human induced greenhouse-gas emissions, is vital to high-yield agriculture and other practices that are fundamental to the well-being of the human population.

The idea is to decrease this process by 5.2 % according to the data form 10 years before.

Compared to the emissions levels that would be expected by 2010 without the Protocol, this target represents a 29% cut. China has pledged to use 15 % renewable energy by 2020 and plant 40m hectares of new forest.

President Clinton has asserted: “Disruptive weather events are increasing.

Disease-bearing insects are moving to areas that used to be too cold for them. Glacial formations are receding” (address at the National Geographic Society, October 22, 1997).


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