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This particular company is popular because they help customers blend different term life insurance policies with whole life insurance policies. They are not favorable toward individuals with diabetes or people who want a 30-year term plan but they are perfectly suited for individuals who are looking for whole life insurance policies that offer collateral assignment options.They are licensed to conduct business in every state but New York.On top of this, they reserve the right to take from your cash value on permanent life insurance policies, as mentioned above. If you default, the bank only has access to the amount of death benefit that is owed to them.

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If you are looking for life insurance coverage which you can also use as collateral on a loan, then you want to take some time to make sure that you understand the stipulations of your bank and insurance provider.

On top of this, you want to be sure that the policy you choose offers great rates and is offered by a company with a history of paying out claims on time and when needed.

If you are a New York resident you can still get coverage but you have to go through William Penn.

They have a financial strength rating of excellent.

If you are taking out a brand new life insurance policy, you are better off signing all of the documents for this at the beginning of the application.

The time frame to request a collateral assignment and be accepted for it ranges between 24 hours and 48 hours.

In this case, any cash value accumulated by the policy is only accessible by the bank in order to maintain collateral in the case of a loan default.

If you default on your loan, the bank reserves all rights to utilize your life insurance policy’s death benefit as a form of repayment for your defaulted payments.

The easiest way to find the best life insurance coverage to use for collateral assignment is to speak with an independent life insurance agent who can help you compare life insurance policies and rates from dozens of the best life insurance companies on the market.

We are very experienced in this area and have the knowledge necessary about life insurance providers and collateral assignment with banks to ensure that you find the best coverage for your situation.


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