Locke Essay Concerning Human Understanding Online

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An essay concerning human understanding: with the author's last additions and corrections.

Complete in one vol., with notes and illustrations, and an analysis of Mr. An essay concerning human understanding: with thoughts on the conduct of the understanding.

But the most remarkable revelation of those early Oxford years is in an Essay concerning Toleration, found among his papers.

Among them a fragment on the Roman Commonwealth, and another headed Sacerdos, show how soon the idea of liberty, civil and religious, was in process of formation in his XX11 Prolegomena : Biographical, mind ; and how he looked at sacerdotalism as the one widespread perversion of the original simplicity of Christi anity.

This present web page is modified from the Jones-edition, with an add-on This indexing/search system is prepared by Tze-wan Kwan and Chong-fuk Lau of the CUHK with Glimpse 3.0.

Locke Essay Concerning Human Understanding Online

Help with reading books -- Report a bad link -- Suggest a new listing Home -- Search -- New Listings -- Authors -- Titles -- Subjects -- Serials Books -- News -- Features -- Archives -- The Inside Story Edited by John Mark Ockerbloom ([email protected])OBP copyright and licenses.The e-text version of Locke's Essay has been around in the public domain for quite a while. Since October 1994, an HTML version of the text has been made available by Roger Bishop Jones. In the preparation of the Index I have had the able assistance of Mr. Locke that from that time he would look upon his house as his own house, and that he would let him see him there in London as soon as he could. Accordingly, in 1 667, Christ Church was exchanged for Exeter House in the Strand, and Locke became/tfc/0/w/z of the most striking political person age in the reign of Charles the Second. KELLY LIBRARY Donated by The Redemptorists of the Toronto Province from the Library Collection of Holy Redeemer College, Windsor University of St. Bonbon HENRY FROWDE OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS WAREHOUSE AMEN CORNER, E. I am indebted to Professor Andrew Scth, my distin guished successor in the University of Edinburgh, for reading the proofs of the greater part of the present ivork, and for valuable suggestions. Thomas, the physician for whose advice that statesman was visiting Oxford. Soon after, my lord, returning to London, desired Mr. He may have suggested the very question about human knowledge and its limits which led to the Essay a question which Descartes says that any man who loves truth must examine once at least in his life ; since the adequate investigation of it com prehends all intellectual method, and the organon of human knowledge; nothing being more absurd than to argue about Preparation for the Essay. Descartes, often named in Locke s letters to Stillingfleet, probably influenced him more than any metaphysical philosopher, not only by his analytic intrepidity, but by his introspective method. OCKK HUMAN UNDERSTANDING BY JOHN LOCKE COLLATED AND ANNOTATED, WITH PROLEGOMENA, BIOGRAPHICAL, CRITICAL, AND HISTORICAL BY ALEXANDER CAMPBELL ERASER HON". UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH ^ fc NBLirr ^ ^ IN TWO VOLUMES \ PBOV, TOBQf JJM VOL. I desire in particular to tliank the Delegates, the Secre taries, and the other officials of flic Clarendon Press for their kindness, in the course of those critical reconstructions of Berkeley and Locke, during the last twenty-five years. CONTENTS OF THE FIRST VOLUME PROLEGOMENA, BIOGRAPHICAL, CRITICAL, AND HISTORICAL. PAGE EDITIONS AND INTERPRETATIONS OF LOCKE S ESSAY xi (A.) BIOGRAPHICAL. All this came about through a meeting with Lord Ashley, soon after the celebrated first Earl of Shaftesbury, due to the accidental absence of Dr. Thomas had entrusted his friend Locke one day with the care of his patient, and the intercourse thus brought about between the versatile statesman and the Christ Church student, with his many-sided interests, ripened Into friendship. I.., OXFORD EMERITI S PROFESSOR OF LOGIC AND METAPHYSICS IN THF. In cadi undertaking I have been encouraged bv the countenance of the illustrious University, associated with the historic memories of many centuries, w Jiich has not forgotten that Oxford ivas the academic home of Locke, and the chosen retreat of the old age of Berkeley. GORTON HOUSE, HAWTHORNDEN, MID-LOTHIAN : February 9, 1894. An unexpected circumstance carried him into the political world of London, in his thirty-fifth year, so that for sixteen years of middle life his home was chiefly there, in the society of great wits and ambitious politicians, a man of affairs and of the world, without much undisturbed leisure. Experimental in the research became fashionable in England after the Restora- medicine. Before 1666 he was engaged in a sort of amateur practice in Oxford. This was not favoured, however, by his growing methods sympathy with free inquiry, in reaction against scholastic ofexperi- studies, and against the fanaticism of which he had quiry accused the popular asserters of liberty. About 1664 the young Student of Christ Church was busied in chemical experi ments, and meteorological observations, and soon after in the study of medicine.


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