Lord Of The Flies Symbolism Essay Fire

However, as the boys become lazy and oblivious, they ignore to keep it alive. Even by the end, it becomes clear that the signal fire is important for the civilized behavior and helped in the safe rescue of the boys.The beast is actually the head of the parachuting dead soldier hanging by the branches of trees. The only boy who knows the reality of this beast is Simon. Therefore, it has transformed into a symbol of something dreadful and terrifying.

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Piggy represented civilization and later in the book when he died civilization ended and everyone went after Ralph to try to kill him. Piggy’s asthma represented the setbacks civilization has and that human nature is not caused by the outside but what’s inside of them.

Symbolism refers to symbols, or concrete image writers use to convey specific meanings to their readers.

I think evil is intrinsic to humans and is decided by the person rather than the associates friends/ acquaintances. The conch represented civilization also but that broke before Piggy died so Golding was hinting and wanting the reader to foreshadow that civilization and Piggy were both dying shortly.

William Golding wrote about a lot of characterization in the lord of the flies book. Piggy keeps trying with civilization even though there is now civilization anymore it’s everyone vs. There were many symbols of civilization declining like Piggy’s’ hair not growing was a symbol of civilization not growing strong but declining rapidly.

It becomes so much significant among the boys that Jack and his hunters attack Ralph and Piggy and their group to snatch the glasses to make their own fire.

The signal created by fire by the boys is actually a symbol of life and safety.They believe that the beast which supposedly terrifies them will be pleased.It is a physical representation of their awe towards that beast.The end of conch is an end of the era of law and order. On the other hand, his glasses have given him an edge to start a fire.Hence, it becomes a symbol of life which is used to prepare a fire to use as a signal for rescue.It is he who finds the conch and calls others to form an assembly.In this sense, he represents leadership and guidance.There are mostly young boys on the island, and they all represent innocence.Ralph, with his sensible nature, is a specific representative of civilization and order.Therefore, he is a symbol of law, order, authority and civilization on the island.In spite of the physical disability, due to weak eyesight and asthma, Piggy has a very clear perspective on things and is also a visionary in his thoughts.


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