Macbeth Comparing The Play Vs Movie Essay

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But suffused with occult mischief and murderous mayhem, Macbeth demands to be read with histrionic relish.

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There is no assured path, but an actor must somehow clarify Macbeth’s slippery interior journey.

The moral makeup of the man — all that is tragically lost — is revealed through sidelong glimpses of hesitation, wavering and remorse.

Although my high school English teacher forced us to memorize Hamlet’s most famous soliloquies, I came to know those of Macbeth and his conniving queen through speaking their lines aloud as I returned again and again to my favorite scenes.

God knows what my family thought hearing me ask the evil spirits who prey on mortal thoughts to “unsex me here” while ostensibly studying for exams.

Film, counterintuitively for such an outrageously theatrical work, has an advantage when it comes to meeting the play’s spectacularly fiendish demands.

To understand this, one must consider why “Macbeth” so often proves dissatisfying onstage.

Having achieved his dark ambitions, he is consumed by madness – a mind “full of scorpions” – dispatching enemies both real and perceived with a relentless bloodlust that presages his demise.

If you’re not satisfied with this formidable back catalogue after seeing Kurzel’s film, a Globe on Screen theatrical production of the play, directed by Eve Best, will be screening in Australia from October 17 in participating cinemas.

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