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You only need to type ‘The Shining’ into Google search engine, and 32,400,000 results appear.

You only need to type ‘The Shining’ into Google search engine, and 32,400,000 results appear.James Berardinelli on his review site, Reel Views, says, “what saves The Shining and, in fact, makes it compulsively watchable, is the direction.Here is the deletion, reported by the critic Tim Dirks: “A two-minute explanatory epilogue was cut shortly after the film’s premiere.

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The fan base of The Shining would agree that Kubrick’s adaptation is exceptional; however fans of the Stephen King book would perhaps poke holes in the book to film change – and I shall be conducting a comparison between the two adaptations in order to settle the feud.

No one can discredit the extreme detail that Kubrick went into in order to create perhaps the most successful of his films.

Whilst exploring other’s reviews, I’ll also be making my own analysis of the scenes of The Shining which changed the conventions of horror films from 1980 onwards.

Kubrick’s work, as the director of this film, has revolutionised how directors now interpret the psychological genre.

This is an instance of a mediocre screenplay being elevated by the stewardship of a master filmmaker.

Perhaps only a handful of directors could milk as much from The Shining as Kubrick does, and many less talented individuals might have turned out a wretched final product from the same base ingredients.” On one hand, some may argue that it is all Kubrick’s brilliance which excelled the film, making 2,337 on the opening weekend which isn’t too great, to then make just over million in 1980, with just a million budget.

Now sure, you might say this was because they were leaving for the winter, but to me it demonstrates an unnerving avoidance to the Overlook – foreshadowing the unfortunate paranormal atmosphere which sticks with the hotel.

I love how Kubrick decided to include Wendy’s fear of the Donner Party in the film, as she wearily listens to Jack explaining what they did to his son Danny.

This fear of cannibalism is more apparent in Stephen King’s novel; however it’s that hint of authenticity to the book which really appeases the audience, well I know it appeases me.

The opening scene’s non-diegetic music is highly memorable, in fact I’m pretty sure I can hum the whole tune – or maybe that’s due to the amount of times I’ve watched it.


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