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Was Flanders free or was she predetermined to live a wicked and improper life mired in years of penitence.Did the whorish behavior of Moll's mother predetermine Moll's actions.Moll's money worries begin at an early age when she figures out a way to avoid being placed in servitude.

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[tags: Moll Flanders Defoe Essays Papers] - Freedom and Fate in Moll Flanders Are people who believe in freewill simply ignorant of the reasons of their actions.

In the context of Defoe's Moll Flanders, this question may result in considerable debate.

Moll sacrificed many things, including love, religion, self-respect, and peace of mind, in order to attain a sort of affluence.

Eventually, Moll achieves her desires and retires a gentlewoman in America, but her journey definitely took a serious toll on her life....

Theme is defined as an underlying or essential subject of artistic representation.

These three themes play an important role in the development of the story of Moll Flanders.

[tags: Moll Flanders Essays] - In order to explain how the main character Moll Flanders in the extract of Defoe’s novel ‘The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders’ is an example of picaresque, one might start by defining the meaning of picaresque.

The Oxford English Dictionary definition reads as follows: “[Adjective] relating to fiction dealing with the adventures of a dishonest but appealing hero.

But already as a child of about eight or ten she is aware of herself as an individual ready to shape her own life: "..alas.

all I understood by being a gentlewoman was to be able to work for myself, and get enough to keep me without that terrible bugbear going to service..." (13)....


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