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Then, there are those rare movies that connect with us in both of those one such movie, for it delves seamlessly into the world of rationality and religion, accompanied by enchanting music.Throughout the novel, Pi’s thoughts reveal and internal struggle between his desire to live and his own beliefs to what is morally right.

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Piscine was the joke of the school as he was incessantly teased about his name.

The next year, however, he was determined to start anew by introducing himself as Pi in an unconventional and imaginative manner.

His religious diversity forms a moral standard of “dignity not …depravity” (Martel 71).

He values dignity and character over corruption of morals initially because he sees Humans generally face struggles in their lifetime.

Such struggles could be within themselves or with someone or something else but commonly stem from some sort of opposition in lifestyle.

In Yann Martel’s novel, Life of Pi, Pi’s passion for personal survival conflicts with his moral obligations to himself internally, morphing his external character.The choice of music complements each scene so perfectly that one is easily drawn into the movie.Of course, this is a matter of personal preference.To me, highlights a number of valuable lessons through its main character, Piscine Molitor Patel, which are applicable to people from all walks of life.Although I would like to believe that most of us have watched this movie, I am obliged to mention to those who have yet to watch it that this article will reveal important events.His attitude on the raft encompasses the acceptance of fate of the Eastern religion of Hinduism, and the forgiveness of Christianity. In fact, Pi learns by observing the animal that the tiger, as wild, primal, and animalistic as it may be, can actually survive better on the raft than he can.The tiger is not purely thoughtless and cruel like the hyena, a creature which simply stuffs... At first, before he becomes a castaway, Pi is obsessed with religion, and how to live as a religious person.But when cast adrift from civilization, Pi is faced with the even more pressing dilemma of how to survive physically in the natural world.The Life of Pi by Yann Martel: Living A Moral Life and Surviving in an Amoral World . Notice: Undefined variable: curr_post_img in /home/leaderon/public_html/wp-content/themes/weeklynews/elements/parts/on line 31 " onclick=", 'weeklywin', 'left=50,top=50,width=600,height=360,toolbar=0'); return false;"Photo credit (above): Wallpaper Abyss Some movies connect with us only in the mind while others connect with us only in the heart.


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