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The real star isn’t even Leigh, and the ,000 motive plays a rather inconsequential part.Director Alfred Hitchcock, known for his ability to shock and awe, once again tells a story extremely unconventionally.The extensive misdirection continues well beyond the most horrifying moment, refusing to reveal the full extent of Norman’s abetment in a flash of grisly violence.

Hitchcock employs plenty of unique visuals, including camera tricks that confuse depth perception, spiraling and overhead movements, invasive close-ups, film noir lighting, and rapid cuts to portray nudity without nudity or extreme violence without much blood.

“Psycho” was a first for several filmic elements (primarily the overt sexuality, sexual deviance, and gruesome undertakings), making it occasionally more notable than effective (this is evidenced considerably in the unnecessary wrap-up exposition at the conclusion, which draws out the denouement).

It gives her another idea entirely: to steal the money, which she’s tasked with depositing at the bank.

It’s as if it dropped out of the sky into her lap, providing her with an answer to all of her troubles.

Later, many critics considered it Hitchcock's best film and praised Psycho as a masterpiece of cinematic art.

Despite all these good reviews, the film caused a lot of controversy because it contained quite explicit gore and sex references, things that have rarely shown so strongly on American films as in Psycho .For example, there is a scene where a shadowy figure brutally stabs a woman while she is showering, and an embalmed corpse is shown during the end.Although these scenes are nothing compared to the brutal and overwhelmingly gruesome horror films of today, Hitchcock still struggled to get his whole film released due to censor's efforts to delete several explicit shots in the movie. Middle After Marion leaves the room, Norman stands up and starts chewing some gum.n Phoenix, Arizona, on Friday, December 11th (details typically seen only in mystery films), Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) uses her lunch hour to rendezvous with Sam Loomis (John Gavin) at a cheap hotel.Their affair weighs heavily on her mind because Sam has to pay alimony to his ex-wife and needs another couple of years to get out of debt. Introduction Psycho Essay Alfred Hitchcock (13 August 1899 - 29 April 1980) is perhaps one of the most renowned and innovative film directors in the history of cinema, with an incredible film-making career spanning over half a century and dozens of award- winning films.He specialized in the psychological thriller genre, creating famous hit films such as Psycho (1960), North by North-west (1958) and Vertigo (1959) and revolutionized many cinematic techniques such as camera angles, lighting and sound which he used extensively in his films to successfully create a variety of moods and atmospheres in scenes and to manipulate the audience's feelings and emotions from fear, shock and suspense.From here, “Psycho” begins to truly live up to its name, with a sudden, intense shift in tone.It masterfully reveals that the entire introductory sequences were essentially just for show.Paranoid, she even checks the newspaper to see if her crime has made the front page.And she’s so distracted she almost leaves her luggage in the old vehicle.


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