My View Of America Essay

Multiculturalism is diversity of two or more culture in some region or country.America is an immigrant country; most people in America are immigrants.But they have used their wealth to buy the strangest of prizes: more work! Perhaps long hours are part of an arms race for status and income among the moneyed elite. “For many of today’s rich there is no such thing as ‘leisure’; in the classic sense—work is their play,” the economist Robert Frank wrote in Workism may have started with rich men, but the ethos is spreading—across gender and age.

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In other words, our elite institutions are minting coed workists.

What’s more, in a recent Pew Research report on the epidemic of youth anxiety, 95 percent of teens said “having a job or career they enjoy” would be “extremely or very important” to them as an adult.

The economists of the early 20th century did not foresee that work might evolve from a means of material production to a means of identity production.

They failed to anticipate that, for the poor and middle class, work would remain a necessity; but for the college-educated elite, it would morph into a kind of religion, promising identity, transcendence, and community. THE GOSPEL OF WORKThe decline of traditional faith in America has coincided with an explosion of new atheisms.

The average work year has shrunk by more than 200 hours. Rich, college-educated people—especially men—work more than they did many decades ago.

They are reared from their teenage years to make their passion their career and, if they don’t have a calling, told not to yield until they find one.

This ranked higher than any other priority, including “helping other people who are in need” (81 percent) or getting married (47 percent).

Finding meaning at work beats family and kindness as the top ambition of today’s young people.

Fair policies allowed all citizens to have the right to preserve their cultural inheritance.

Public school has bilingual education programs for new immigrant children.


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