Narrative Essay On Life Changing Moments

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That aspect of my character led the first years of my high school life.

I refrained from asking questions in class, afraid they might be considered too stupid or dumb by my classmates.

I had been living in Geneva, Switzerland for four years, during which time I had attended an international school consisting of over 96 different nationalities. " Did I have no appreciation of anything other than Mc Donald's or Coca-Cola?

I had already become fluent in French and had become accustomed to the new culture in which I was living--a culture which I had believed to be rich in tolerance and acceptance. Had I not been touched by the new world I had been exposed to?

Before my freshman year at [high-school], I was shy, had low self-esteem and turned away from seemingly impossible challenges. On the first day of freshman practice, the team warmed up with a game of touch football. However, during the game, I noticed that I didn't run as hard as I could, nor did I try to evade my defender and get open.

The fact of the matter is that I really did not want to be thrown the ball.Over the years, playing football has taught me what it takes to succeed.From months of tough practices, I have gained a hard work ethic.I was still afraid of making mistakes and getting blamed by screaming coaches and angry teammates. During my sophomore season, my position at backup guard led me to play in the varsity games on many occasions. Most of the time the mistakes were not significant; they rarely changed the outcome of a play.Yet I received a thorough verbal lashing at practice for the mistakes I had made.From my coaches and fellow teammates, I have learned to work well with others in a group, as it is necessary to cooperate with teammates on the playing field.But most important, I have also gained self-confidence.Each hair on the back of my neck sprang to attention, as I strained to hear the women's inflammatory remarks.I gripped my bag of Mc Donald's harder with each insulting phrase.I didn't want to be the one at fault if I dropped the ball and the play didn't succeed.I did not want the responsibility of helping the team because I was too afraid of making a mistake.


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