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** Allows the students to View and track status of application with User ID and Password which is generated by the system while application is filled.

** This enables the students to Renew applications with same credentials ** Student can upload documents related to income, mark sheets, bank account, category, caste certificate etc. ** The system provides SMS and e-Mail alerts to the users at various stage of processing ** Renewal of the application by the Institutes only by importing the application from previous year ** Role Based Unique Login ID and Password will be made available for all stakeholders ** Auto and bulk processing of Scholarship application by the Institute ** Easy Scholarship Sanctioning process for Sanctioning Authority ** Auto disbursal of Scholarship to Student‟s Bank Account ** Easy monitoring of Scholarship by the Department and State Authorities.

National Scholarship Month may not be the highlight of your year like it is for us, at Fastweb.

But, qualifying for money to pay for school is always something students can celebrate!

** Choose the number of scholarships displayed per page. The procedure for application form filling, submitting, tracking and disbursion of funds is dont through the common portal at https://in Advantages of NSP are manifold. 1) A simplified procedure uniform to all students 2) A single window process for all scholarships 3) More transparency.

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4) The process of application will inform the student which scholarships he is eligible for.To enter, you must create either a two - minute video or a 20 - slide presentation giving an overview of your project and embed it on the summary page of your project submission.You may submit projects in any one of the following categories: Computer Science and Math, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Flora and Fauna, Energy and Space, Inventions and Innovation, Physics, Robotics, Astrophysics, Biology, Chemistry, Food Science, or Electricity and Electronics.Application Id is same as last year Student Registration Id.All the information can be edited till the closure of application form.5) Most of the duplicate applications can be removed at the grass root level. In spite of all the shortcomings it has inherent in the process, the process of application and disbursal of funds is smooth for most part.6) A standard and uniform process that is applicable to all. The salient features of National Scholarship Portal includes following points: ** This facility allows students to Register and Submit their application online (to Apply central/state sponsored scholarships), online which enables application submitted from anywhere.This is the list of scholarships and other facilities that are released from the National Scholarships Portal ** Sorting the this list alphabetically or according to last date of application. What is National scholarships Portal : National Scholarship portal, (shortly called as NSP) as the name suggests is a government organization for students to apply for national level scholarships.It's important to make sure your scholarship search is on the right track this month, too.Here are scholarship best practices to help you improve your search strategies.


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