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The folio lists the newspaper’s name, the date of the paper, the volume or edition of the paper, and often the suggested price of the newspaper.

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Dimensions: 280 x 430 mm (11.0" x 16.9") The tabloid size is often referred to as being 'half the size of a broadsheet' however this is not strictly true as broadsheet is 600 x 750 mm (23.5" x 29.5") Tabloid size is actually not very different from A3 and thus a transition to printing tabloids on an A2 sheet (remember that newspaper sizes are the size of the folded pages) would be sensible in the longer term.

The word tabloid when referring to newspaper sizes comes from the style of journalism known as 'tabloid journalism' that compacted stories into short, easy to read and often exaggerated forms.

Instead it's a short phrase summarizing the subject of an article, used to identify the story as it moves through the editorial process.

This definition can be traced to the printing process; in typesetting terminology, slug refers to a metal bar used as a line divider or as a full line of type as with a Linotype machine.

The confusion exists because not every publication has a masthead, and in some publications, the role of the masthead and the flag are fulfilled by the same element.

It occurs only on the front page of the newspaper, and is typically an important part of newspaper branding.

Since the headline is printed in such large fonts, it is typically very short and, thus, incomplete.

A subhed or subhead (depending on where you went to Journalism school) is an additional summary printed beneath the headline in smaller, but still large font as a way of both clarifying the headline and as a way of leading the reader into the story.

Other elements occur only on specific pages, most notably, those newspaper elements that appear only on the front page of the newspaper.

On the front page of a newspaper, the topmost element is generally where a reader will find the name of the newspaper.


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