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In Chicago, Eve tells Thornhill she has arranged for him to meet Kaplan.Thornhill travels by bus to an isolated spot in the country. He tries to escape by flagging down a petrol tanker, causing the crop-duster to crash into the tanker.

Cary Grant, a martini-sodden advertising director, awakes from a middle-class daydream into an underworld nightmare when he's mistaken for a secret agent (1959).

A great film, and certainly one of the most entertaining movies ever made, directed by Alfred Hitchcock at his peak.

tells the story of Roger Thornhill, an emotionally stunted advertising man.

He gets mistaken for a spy named George Kaplan, and an enemy agent named Phillip Vandamm tries to kill him.

As a whole, this film features the technical mastery that Hitchcock brought to so much of his work.

is also full of themes that Hitchcock returned to again and again throughout his career.Thornhill is forced to go on a cross-country journey to find Kaplan and prove his innocence, only to make a shocking discovery..In every scene, Hitchcock uses the camera to convey information, establish relationships, and even tell jokes. Art and commerce in a delicious salad with all the right ingredients.A brisk screenplay by Ernest Lehman a Cary Grant that is just pure delight, Eva Marie Saint fresh out of her Oscar from "On the Waterfront" is an icy blonde with a brain.features the two sides of Hitchcock as a film artist.Most prominently, it shows the side of him that led people to call him a “light entertainer” throughout most of his career.James Mason, the ultimate foreign sinister not to mention Jessie Royce Landis and Hitchcock brings Bernard Herrmann to wrap it all up in one of the most infectious scores imaginable. One of the most important elements in a film lover’s education is a good introduction.Thornhill does discover that the house belongs to a United Nations diplomat and he goes to the UN Building to find out the truth.At the UN, Vandamm’s men frame Thornhill for murder.


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