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This is similar to the Global History exam that has been in place for over 10 years. Your child should take the review class that corresponds to the exam he or she will be taking.The best way to know which exam your child is taking is to ask your child’s global history teacher, the chair of the history department and/or the guidance office at your child’s school.

This will give educators more time to fully implement the Framework and will allow SED to develop and refine the Global History and Geography II Regents Examination.

The transition Global History and Geography Regents Examination (Grade 10) will be based upon the 1996 Social Studies Standards and the 1998 Social Studies Resource Guide with Core Curriculum.

Along with adopting the Framework, the Regents also amended Commissioner’s Regulations Part 100.2 and 100.5 by establishing a two-unit sequence in Global History and Geography that is required for a Regents Diploma.

The Global History and Geography Regents Examination is being changed.

The new Regents Exams must be fair and must accurately measure the knowledge and skills of students.

The Board of Regents approved a transition plan for the 2017 – 2018 school year which should smooth the path from the Regents exam created in 2000 to the administration of the new format.

Read on to learn about potential topics and prep resources for each of the essays.

The Thematic Essay question centers on a particular theme in U. history and contains very specific instructions on creating an essay on the topic.

The instructions also include some examples that test takers may use in their essays.

Past Thematic Essay topics and possible examples include: The Document-Based Question section includes an essay that is related to a series of documents and several short-response questions.


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