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Intermolecular Forces and Liquids: Intermolecular Forces, Liquids, dipole moment, dipole-dipole, Van der Waals forces, London dispersion forces, hydrogen bonding, ion-dipole.

The Chemistry of Solids: Metallic and Ionic Solids, Ionic Bonding and Lattice Energy, Other Types of Solids, Physical Properties of Solids, Phase Diagrams and Phase Changes. ): Concentration: Molarity, molality, % mass, mole fraction, ppm, ppb, The Solution Process, Henry's Law, Raoult's Law, Boiling Point Elevation, Freezing Point Depression, Colligative Properties and Molar Mass Determination, Colligative Properties of Ionic Compounds, Osmosis, Colloids.

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From there I like to build on this solid foundation.

I know that many chemistry students who come to me for tutoring are to the point where they are already struggling and are far along in the class, so I try to teach the basics as Im working through the more advanced material such as thermodynamics, kinetics, equilibrium, acids and bases, coordination chemistry, nuclear chemistry, organic chemistry, etc.

Organic Chemistry: Carbon: Not Just An Average Element: Alkanes and Cycloalkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes, Aromatic Compounds, Alcohols, Ethers, and Amines, Compounds with a Carbonyl Group, Functional Groups, Polymers.

Gas Laws and Kinetic-Molecular Theory: Pressure, Boyle's Law and Charles's Law, The General Gas Law (Combined Gas Law), Avogadro's Hypothesis, Ideal Gas Law, Gas Density, Ideal Gas Laws and Determining Molar Mass, Gas Laws and Stoichiometry, Gas Mixtures and Dalton's Law, Kinetic-Molecular Theory, Diffusion and Effusion, Nonideal Gases.

Basic Concepts of Chemistry: SI Units and unit conversions, a.k.a.

dimensional analysis matter: elements and atoms, compounds, and molecules, difference b/w physical and chemical properties.


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