Operations Plan In A Business Plan

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Go into detail about any planned price promotions and the impact they will have on sales volume and overall profitability.

List any cost advantages you have over direct competitors, such as long-term price contracts with suppliers or cost advantages in the area of distribution Think of this piece as evidence that your operations will produce a gross profit, leaving considerations of overhead, taxes, salaries and other fixed expenses out of the equation.

For instance, Wal-Mart has a unique distribution system to effectively move products from its warehouses to its stores, and finally to its customers’ homes.

Technology products manufacturers have processes to convert raw materials into finished products.

David Ingram has written for multiple publications since 2009, including "The Houston Chronicle" and online at

As a small-business owner, Ingram regularly confronts modern issues in management, marketing, finance and business law.

Sample milestones include expected dates when: Additional text should be used, where necessary, to support the projections laid out in the chart.

The milestone projections presented in the Operations Plan must be consistent with the projections in the Financial Plan.

For example, detail the raw materials needed to create your products if you are a manufacturer, or list the consumable materials needed to provide services if you are in the service sector.

Detail your relationships and agreements with suppliers, as well as any incoming supply-chain efficiencies that give you a strategic advantage.


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