Patriotism Essay Introduction

It is mental condition that comes up for self defence at the time of need and threat.We saw a lion in its group rushes to attack its enemy whereas others remain far behind as they have no such level of patriotic feeling and strength.Each individual, society and country has different issue and problem that has to be understood by studying respective input references. This small mistake is creating a lot of problem in today's time.

We defend the weak and oppressed to the best of our ability. We still have a long way to go, but Women's Rights in the United States of America are setting a wonderful precedence for the entire world. Here, no one is forced to abort a baby girl, unlike some countries.

They may dress in style to express their individuality, and even wear make-up and squeaky shoes, if they wish.

Certainly, every country contains a degree of patriotism, but I can only speak from the viewpoint of a loyal American.

As such, I consider myself blessed beyond measure to be an American Citizen.

A lot of poets and writers have chosen patriotism as the topic subject of their art and works and we can learn from them a lot.

Patriotism Essay Introduction Introduction About Life Essay

This literature makes the concept of patriotism unique and consistent throughout the years and centuries.

In more realistic sense patriotism are the essence of nationalism, love towards motherland, Blind conviction of "my country is always right" and sacrifice for motherland.

It is a wholehearted commitment to protect one's country at hardship.

But it is clear that still patriotism is more important than this subject.

We can conclude that patriotism is a relative and it is to be applied carefully.


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