Postmodernism Essay

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Are nationalism, politics, religion, and war the result of a primitive human mentality? How can Christianity claim primacy or dictate morals?

The list of concerns goes on and on especially for those affected by a postmodern philosophy and lifestyle.

Their concern centers around the West’s continued reliance on ancient and traditional religious morals, nationalism, capitalism, inept political systems, and unwise use and adverse impact of promoting “trade offs” between energy resources and environment, for economic gain.

According to the Postmodern Worldview, the Western world society is an outdated lifestyle disguised under impersonal and faceless bureaucracies.

A postmodernist views the world outside of themselves as being in error, that is, other people’s truth becomes indistinguishable from error.

Therefore, no one has the authority to define truth or impose upon others his idea of moral right and wrong.Many prefer to live under a global, non-political government without tribal or national boundaries and one that is sensitive to the socioeconomic equality for all people. Postmodernists do not attempt to refine their thoughts about what is right or wrong, true or false, good or evil.They believe that there isn’t such a thing as absolute truth.While the few rich prosper, the mass populace becomes impoverished.Postmodernists view democratic constitutions as flawed in substance, impossible to uphold, and unfair in principle. Postmodernism – Politics Postmodernists protest Western society’s suppression of equal rights.They believe that the capitalistic economic system lacks equal distribution of goods and salary.By doing this each art would, to be sure, narrow its area of competence, but at the same time it would make its possession of this area all the more secure (Frascina, Harrison, Paul, p. Hodgkins' work fits the philosophy, at least in its later years, because it is inspired by external stimuli, but by virtue of choices of medium and colors and subject matter is indeed an internal influence, and self-criticizing (Buchanan, Dunn, et al., p. Critics of the era bear out the incorporation of the Kantian philosophy in the work of Hodgkins in the critical reviews of one of her successful exhibits following a visit to New Zealand (Buchanan, Dunn, et al., p. Art critic Myfanwy Evans commented on Hodgkins' work, describing it in a way that showed it was less about the spectator, and more about what Hodgkins saw in the subject matter, and then interpreted in her own way (Buchanan, Dunn, et al., p. Of Hodgkins' work, Evans said: Hodgkins's colour 'has the same quality as some fine poetry....She has no formula, but the colour of each picture is as indicative of a mood as a blushing and sensitive skin.' 18 the terms 'delicious' and 'delight' and the evocative physicality of Evans's analogy with skin provide a key to the unique effect of Hodgkins's art, and its qualities of buoyancy, vitality, sensuous jouissance have frequently been remarked (Buchanan, Dunn, et al., p.What had to be exhibited and made explicit was that which was unique and irreducible not only in art in general, but also in each particular art.Each art had to determine, through the operations peculiar to itself, the effects peculiar and exclusive to itself.


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