Problem Of Corruption Essay

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Navy & Air force personals are not supposed to live in luxury in the name of water & air defense.

All the three defense wings should do social work while there is no war else it is a waste of public money to maintain them.

Corruption in gun deal or boats/ships/aircraft carrier or fighter jets etc. Solution: Whether Agriculture, Horticulture, Sericulture, Veterinary, Public Distribution Systems, Accounts, Statistics, Trade & Commerce, Legal, Social Welfare, Forestry, banks, post Offices, Irrigation & Flood Control or any other government department you name it and there is found corruption in one way or the other.

So, now all these nonsense called corruptions have to stop in all the departments else the future is very gloomy for the society.

All demands and protests should be done in such a way that their interests are served while the public interests are not affected.

They can take huge roles in enhancing spirituality / morality in the society as role models. They should not exercise their power for selfish ends.

Corruptions of any kind are nuisances to the society. among people Let spirituality / morality be taught in academic institutions as a compulsory subject of study at every stage.

Corruption is the root causes of all the evils in the society. Let all the leaders in the society develop and practice spirituality at the first place while exercising leadership, so that general people follow their steps.

Only when elections are held corrupt free, then we can expect corrupt free government functioning.

Solution: The heads of all the government departments should be the examples of dutiful & corrupt free people of integrity.


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