Problem Solving Task

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By engaging in short, fun activities like these, you can help your student become a more skillful, resilient, and successful problem-solver.

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These puzzles range in complexity and can be found online or in math puzzle books.

As an extension, challenge your student to create their own puzzle for someone else to solve. Use pencils and scissors to cut the size grid you want to use.

Beware; there may be multiple solutions for the same problem!

Thus, encourage your student to replicate the same problem grid multiple times and look for different solutions.

For instance, a square that contains a 3 would have line segments on three sides, and a square that contains a 2 would have line segments on two sides, and so on.

See the example boards and solutions for a 5 x 5 grid below.However, there are generic skills and processes that contribute to success for any kind of 'problem', whether writing an assignment, conducting a student project, undertaking projects at work, or taking on an undertaking in your personal life. Consider lots of options for how to approach the task or solve the problem. It will take time to weigh up the advantages and challenges of each possible solution. Knowing what would make a 'best possible solution' How far is this feasible in your circumstances? Once you have done that, weigh up different solutions. Avoid solutions that cannot be met by the deadline. Develop an appropriate strategy: what steps must you take to address the task? Use experience from similar problems: what do you already know or what have you already done that would offer a starting place or guidance on how to approach the current problem? Set targets: what steps must you accomplish by when? A less successful approach is to launch in too quickly, without undertaking the initial reflection and preparation. Find out how other people have approached similar problems. You need two people, two pieces of string (or yarn) about one meter long each (or long enough so the person who will wear it can easily step over it), and some empty space to move around.If possible, use two different colored pieces of string.You can provide your student with activities that promote application of math skills while “busting boredom” at the same time!Puzzles and riddles, patterns, and logic problems can all be valuable exercises for students at all levels of mathematics.A problem is simply a “problem” because there is no immediate, known solution.Problem solving activities in mathematics extend well beyond traditional word problems.


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