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Courses are available all over the UK as well as online.

Composites Engineering is a core module for the BEng/MEng (honours) Mechanical Engineering with Composites (MEC) course.

Products are everywhere: The toothbrush you used this morning, the mobile device in your pocket, every application on that mobile device, every tool at the dentist office, your car, your skateboard, your shoes and your granola bar. As a product designer you have the power to affect millions of lives across the social, political, economic and cultural spectrum.

Great Academics Product Design is inherently creative and interdisciplinary.

Does anyone know of a decent layout of pages to include or any other info that might be helpful, would be very much appreciated.

Animal Rights Persuasive Essay - Product Design Coursework Checklist

Thanks Ok so i did AQA at A-Level but the general rule is: -Mind map of existing problems your chosen market based on the brief have -Analysis of existing products, flaws, materials, what could be improved etc -Initial design ideas -Development of selected ideas from initial ideas -Finalised design idea -Gantt chart of how long certain areas of the project should take -Product specification - what materials, price range, durability etc is it going to have?

If your product is going to be made out of wood then mock it up in MDF.

As a general rule modelling goes Card/paper MDF (at A-level anyway - perhaps your school has access to materials other than that such as styrofoam.

No matter how hard you are pressured as a designer you should never attempt to design a product without at least a cursory understanding of the above. A product story map helps understand the epics and user stories that should be considered.

My school has chosen to do the new Edexcel Product Design course, and no one knows what to include in the coursework to get an A-A* Grade.


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